Learn Excel basics: formulas, functions, charts, sorting, filtering, formatting, and more.


Ashwin G & Ayyappan P

Ashwin Ganesan, He is deaf and working as a BFSI trainer. He has 3 years of corporate experience and over one year of teaching experience in doing training for MS Office and trained more than 100 deaf candidates.

Ayappan Paramasivan, a hard of hearing individual, is a lead trainer and adept educator with over 5 years of experience in teaching MS Office, financial skills, and more. He has effectively supported over 300 deaf students, also serving as a sign language interpreter to ensure clear communication and understanding.

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Course Content

  Introduction to Excel

  Data Entry and Editing

  Basic Formulas: SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN

  Charts: Creating and Customizing

⁠  Pivotable, Hlookup & Vlookup   

  Managing Worksheets: Inserting, Deleting,       

   Renaming and Many more...

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₹1,999 | $30