MySQL Developer Course

Mastering MySQL: Comprehensive Developer Course


Kasthuri & Rajat 

Kasthuri, a dedicated trainer, is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities. With over 15 years of varied teaching experience, she currently serves as an IT trainer. Embracing the opportunity to understand PwDs (People with Disabilities), she finds fulfillment in collaborating with them. Her enthusiasm for inclusivity has motivated her to learn sign language, a crucial skill for communicating with and training individuals with hearing and speech impairments.

Rajat is deaf and works as an IT trainer. He has 9 months of experience training others in HTML, Java, and MySQL, as well as 6 years of experience working as a teacher for Deaf Children, training more than 200 deaf children. He taught students from classes 1 to 8 in Math, EVS, Computer Science, and General Knowledge, and also taught ISL classes to students' parents.

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Course Content

  Introduction to Database

  DDL and DML Statements

  DML Basic Select Queries

  Aggregate Functions

⁠  Joins

⁠  SQL Glossary I & II

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₹799 | $13