- Joseph Murphy -

This 1963 classic by Irish-born American minister Joseph Murphy (1898-1981) strongly influenced the New Thought, New Age and self-help movements. Its brief chapters offer a clear, engaging and encouraging treatise on how to lead a better life, forge better relationships, become more prosperous and improve your health. Murphy repeats some points in different chapters, and his vocabulary and reasoning may seem odd or casual. For example, he groups all the functions of the autonomic nervous system as part of the subconscious. Some of his scientific assertions weren’t standard findings when the book came out, and now more of its science has become outdated (well, it’s been a while), so step in for the mindfulness and guidance he offers, not the hard data. getAbstract finds that his philosophical approach will interest anyone with a New Age bent and those seeking calmness through a blending of psychology and spirituality.


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