Self Learn Courses

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Learn Excel basics: formulas, functions, charts, sorting, filtering, formatting, and more

Basic Maths Trick


Building a Web Page with HTML and CSS

Create a customized web page using HTML and CSS. HTML provides the structure, while CSS adds style and layout. Write code in a text editor, define HTML elements, and apply CSS styles. Preview changes in a web browser for real-time adjustments. Gain full control over the appearance and functionality of your web page.

Indian Sign Language

Open your mind and heart to learning Indian Sign Language and you will be amazed about communicating to a brand new world!

IELTS Exam Coaching

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Blouse Design- 1  (30-36 Size)

Stock Trader

Sour Cream Pound Cake


Mehandi Designs for Beginners

Basic to Advanced Mehandi Course 

Knowledge Yourself

Learning English

Join us for a Beginner's Course to Learn Yoga Basics

F&O Trading

Business / NGO Founder

Finance Specialist