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Master Your English Skills |₹1699

Unlock global opportunities with 'Master Your English Skills.' Elevate your English for career, travel, and growth. Enroll now!                                       

Java Programming | ₹3499

Deep Dive in Core Java programming -Standard Edition. A Practical approach to learn Java. Become a Java Expert                                           

Learn HTML 5 and CSS 3 Basics  |  ₹899

HTML5 and CSS3 course, you learn how to create webpages (HTML5) and make them look good (CSS3)      

MySQL Developer Course | ₹799

Mastering MySQL: Comprehensive Developer Course

Courses to get you started

Microsoft Power BI  |  ₹2799

Power BI: Unleash the Power of Your Data.                                                

Tally ERP 9     |  ₹2,499

Master Your Finances, Elevate Your Career!

Banking | ₹699

Empowering Finances: Banking Knowledge for Every Financial Journey  

Microsoft Excel Basics   | ₹1,999

Learn Excel basics: formulas, functions, charts, sorting, filtering, formatting, and more.

Basic Maths Trick |  ₹850

Learn how to use short tricks to avoid  long math tricks.                                                

HTML and CSS |  ₹4,499

HTML and CSS style web pages for complete customisation and structured design.

Indian Sign Language | ₹3,499

Embrace Indian Sign Language; connect with a vibrant new community. 

IELTS Exam Coaching | ₹7,199

Discover the tools and steps to pass IELTS exam.                                                          

Blouse Design- 1  (30-36 Size) |  ₹500

Utilize blouse design for enhancing fashion and personal style choices.          

Stock Trader |  ₹6,999

Learn tools, steps for trading in BSE & NSE stock markets.                                          

Sour Cream Pound Cake | ₹599

Discover: Moist, tangy pound cake; rich, creamy, and utterly irresistible.        

 Photographer | ₹2,499

Discover the tools and steps to capture & edit amazing pictures and sell them online.

Mehandi Designs for Beginners| ₹2,499

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Mehandi Designs.                                             

B to A Mehandi Course | ₹3,599

Discover the tools and steps to make great mehendi designs and impress your clients.

Knowledge Yourself | ₹1,000

This course will help you to get to know yourself better.                                      

 Learning English | ₹699

To enable learners to grasp the wide scope of English language and its grammar.

Learn Yoga Basics | ₹499

Introductory yoga course covering basic poses and breathing techniques.   

F&O Stock Trading | ₹4,599

Advanced stock trading course & start trading higher.                                                    

Business / NGO Founder | ₹999

Discover the tools and steps to start your own business or NGO.                         

 Finance Specialist | ₹999

Discover the tools and steps to save & invest your money and earn higher returns.